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Face the Future with V-Beauty™ - "The Future of Facial Red Vein Treatment for Men and Women"

Beauty clinics, spas and salons have for many years been searching for the most effective method to treat facial thread veins and Rosacea. Medical practitioners in recent years have had the benefit of being able to use a treatment known as Veinwave™ which utilizes the principle of thermo-coagulation to tremendous effect. It has been acclaimed as being the safest and most reliable treatment for fine thread veins.

Now, at last, that same technology is available to the Beauty Industry, in the form of V-Beauty™. This revolutionary treatment addresses the problem of facial thread veins that affects 55% of our population aged between 20 to 70 years; this translates to 15 million people! "No known method can take credit for better results" (Dr. Jean Marc Chardonneau, Paris). V-Beauty™ (from Veinwave) is a virtually painless and professional procedure to treat the unsightly problem of facial vascular conditions such as thread veins, red blood spots and spider neavus. These are mainly associated with sensitized skins; however they can be equally apparent on other skin types.

The revolutionary V-Beauty™ treatment is a very superficial procedure to safely and effectively treat these skin conditions which can affect women AND men and on ALL skin colours and types. There is NO risk of burning, scarring, pigmentation or bruising and NO strict aftercare regime to follow. It is even safe enough to continue with your skincare regime and apply make-up afterwards.


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vein removal devon, thread vein removal somerset, spider vein Removal Cornwall, vein removal Dorset