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Facial Thread Vein Removal Questions

Why do thread veins develop?
Facial thread veins are caused by a variety of factors including UV (ultra violet) light and extreme weather conditions. For genetic reasons some individuals are more prone to develop thread veins than others. See 'Causes of thread veins' for an extensive list.

What conditions can V-Beauty be used on?
V-Beauty can be used on most facial thread veins, including those veins inside the nose which have previously been untreatable. V-Beauty can be used on all skin types as it does not cause a loss of pigmentation.

How does V-Beauty work?
V-Beauty works by a method called thermo-coagulation; the energy created by a very high frequency current (4MHZ), produces a very rapid burst of heat within the broken vein itself. The energy produced destroys the vein selectively and very safely, causing it to dry up instantly whilst leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The treatment is intense and will result in the vein wall 'sticking' together, with no risk of it filling up with blood once the treatment has been completed. This causes the vein to collapse and disappear.

What happens during the treatment?
Equipped with a magnifying loop, the therapist introduces the high frequency current to the broken vein via an ultra-fine needle. The needle is sterile and covered with an insulating sheath which protects the skin. As the needle is so fine, the therapist can work very precisely with almost no skin disruption.

Is it painful?
This depends entirely on each client, and their 'pain threshold'. Whilst working with thread veins on the cheeks for example the sensation could be described as 'painless to uncomfortable'. When working on or inside the nose the treatment will be more painful. For a client who is having treatment on a delicate or painful area, or with a low pain threshold the therapist will recommend taking Paracetamol an hour before treatment to dull the nerve endings.

What can I expect after the treatment?
After a treatment the treated veins may appear reddened, raised, and more prominent than before the treatment. These effects will settle within forty-eight hours. Micro-scabbing may develop on the area that has been treated; this will appear as tiny 'scratches' and will disappear in one to two weeks. Occasionally there is a slight increase in colour on the treated area; this usually subsides after seven to twenty one days.

How long is a treatment?
The actual treatment takes approximately fifteen minutes. Before treatment an initial thorough consultation takes place; about thirty minutes are normally allowed for this.

How many treatments will I need?
Typically most clients will require three to four treatments. In severe cases more treatments will be necessary.

Will my veins come back?
No. Once veins are treated with V-Beauty it is impossible for them to come back as they are destroyed by thermo-coagulation. As part of your condition, others may develop but not in the same area.

Can anyone have this treatment?
This treatment is suitable for most clients. There are some Contra-Indications (reasons a client is unable to have a treatment) which will be discussed during the consultation. Contra-Indications include:
. Pregnancy
. Pacemaker
. Adverse heart conditions
. Epilepsy
. Infectious skin conditions
. Anti-coagulants
. Fake tan

What should I do after my V-Beauty treatment?
After the treatment it is quite safe to perform all daily activities. Certain precautions should be taken, these include:
. Avoid any drastic changes in temperature
. No saunas or steam rooms
. No sunbathing
. No exfoliation
. Do not keep touching the treated area.

Can I apply make-up after treatment?
Yes. The therapist can apply a medicated concealer after the treatment.

Is the V-Beauty treatment safe?
Yes, your therapist will be fully trained and qualified for the treatment.

How can I prevent more veins developing?
After treatment it is recommended that you look after your skin by leading a healthy lifestyle. It is also recommended that you wear a good broad-spectrum sun screen at all times - summer and winter, indoors and out, as damaging UVA light is present throughout the year, and unlike the 'sunshine' UVB light, UVA light can penetrate glass. Please see the 'Causes of thread veins' page, for an extensive list of causes. Some situations to generally avoid are:
. Excessive sauna use
. Smoking
. Excess alcohol
. Sun beds and excessive sunbathing
. Hot and spicy foods
. Lifting heavy objects; straining

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