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Thread Vein Removal Services and Prices.

V-Beauty™ (from Veinwave) is a virtually painless and professional procedure to treat the unsightly problem of facial vascular conditions such as thread veins, red blood spots and spider neavus. These are mainly associated with rosacea and sensitised skins, however they can be equally apparent on other skin types.

The revolutionary V-Beauty™ treatment is a very superficial procedure to safely and effectively treat these skin conditions which can occur on women AND men and on ALL skin colours and types. There is NO risk of burning, scarring, pigmentation or bruising and NO strict aftercare regime to follow. It is even safe enough to continue with your skincare regime and apply make-up afterwards.

The therapist will use a polarised light to eliminate any glare on the skin for a clearer view of the area to be treated. These fine veins although visible through a magnifying loop become more defined, which allows the therapist to treat the area more quickly and accurately.

An ultra-fine, insulated single use needle is used to introduce a high frequency current into the skin (without penetrating the vein). This produces a heat energy which coagulates the blood and causes the vessel walls to collapse and disappear. This is NOT a type of laser or IPL (Intense Pulse Light), but is a surgical technique known as thermo-coagulation, often used in vascular surgery. The resulting debris is simply removed through the circulatory systems of the body, much like the debris of a bruise would be.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have, please contact the clinic.


Facial Thread Veins, Spider Neavus and Red Blood Spots

1st, 2nd and 3rd treatments from £100 each.

Subsequent treatments £80 if required

Starting with a free 30 minute thorough consultation the actual treatment time for each session is a maximum of 15 minutes.  As a professional recommendation, we would not carry out a longer treatment to prevent traumatising the area.

Treatments should be at regular 3 – 4 weekly intervals for optimum results.  The number of treatments required is dependant on the treatment area, and severity of the problem.  This will be discussed at your consultation.  (Average 3 – 4 treatments are required).

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for any cancellations.


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vein removal devon, thread vein removal somerset, spider vein Removal Cornwall, vein removal Dorset