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The V-Beauty™ for Facial Thread Vein Removal

Since being introduced to the Beauty Industry V-Beauty™ is already becoming the gold standard in facial thread vein removal. Replicating the highly acclaimed Veinwave™ used in medical practice, V-Beauty™ utilizes the well-established, safe and reliable technique known as thermo-coagulation, and is able to effortlessly remove unsightly thread veins and vascular blemishes from the face.

thread and spider vein removal in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset.

This exclusive method is effective and relatively painless. The therapist will use a polarised light to eliminate any glare on the skin for a clearer view of the area to be treated. These fine veins, although visible through a magnifying loop become instantly more defined, which allows the therapist to treat the area more quickly and accurately.

A sterile, single use, ultra-fine needle coated with an invisible insulating sheath which protects the skin, is used to introduce high frequency current into the skin (without penetrating the vein), enabling a targeted treatment without risk of harm, pain or side effects. This produces a heat energy which coagulates the blood and causes the vein walls to collapse and disappear. This technique is known as thermo-coagulation, often used in vascular surgery. The resulting debris is simply removed through the circulatory systems of the body, much like the debris of a bruise would be.

This energy destroys the vein selectively and safely. Unlike other alternative procedures (such as laser, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and electrolysis), there is no break in the vascular systems and no risk of burns, bruising, necrosis or pigmentation.


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vein removal devon, thread vein removal somerset, spider vein Removal Cornwall, vein removal Dorset